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Cory Waaland Interviewed on Bink Nation
January 20, 2018
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Generosity: ThiNk BiNk TV Episode 22

In this episode, we share a couple of stories about generosity, and giving to others.

Generosity comes from gratitude, and is a super-important part of being the best you can be, and making the world a better place.


This is the story shared by Eddie Shade:

In 1988, I was in the Army, living in Germany, taking classes with U. of Maryland (they even has a 2-year campus in Munich, and most bases offered classes).  I took a class, “Ancient Civilization, ” 2 weeks in Egypt.

Our tour guides were also our professors, and they were Americans that taught at the U of Cairo.  They also spoke fluent Arabic.

They explained to us that “baksheesh” was an offering with many definitions, but in our case, since we were tourists in their country, they in fact were sharing their historic country with us.  (if you look up baksheesh if offers 3 meanings:

1.  Alms, with is a donation to the poor.

2.  A tip.

3. A bribe (this did not enter our equation).

So when I was viewing a very historic site, there was always a local around quietly saying “baksheesh.”  I would give them a dollar for the very reason of saying “thank you for sharing your country with me.

Fast Forward to being in Las Vegas.  What we consider bums, or homeless, please think twice about rudely ignoring them. REGARDLESS OF THE REASON they need money, one thing is sure, YOU CAN sure afford to give them a dollar.

I see too many times poker players ask a waitress for a water, when in fact they are just too lazy to walk over and get that free bottle on a table. And then they give the waitress a dollar for bringing it.  Seriously, have you been in the Nevada sun all day long and pray for water?

Remember, the homeless are not allowed in most establishments. They risk their lives living in underground areas, and when that rare rain comes through, it always takes a few lives when they cannot move out fast enough.  Last year I donated three cases of food to a woman I knew that went out and gave to the homeless.  I felt good about it, to the point that I gave to some others near my hotel.  True, some are professional beggars, but that poor person pushing a cart on some backstreet appears, think about giving them a buck; you will feel better.

Share when you can.

And appreciate our big blue marble we call home.

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