So what is bink?

If you don't play poker or ever seen the movie "Babies Day Out" chances are you've never heard the word "bink" in your life, so what is it? Well it's not in Webster's yet but below is our dictionary version of the word.

The short version...

At first glance, "ThiNk BiNk" can seem like just a catchy phrase but to understand the meaning behind this positivity movement you must first know the humble beginnings from which it grew.

In 2012, I was at rock bottom and found myself at a crossroads. Either continue living in a place far from home, trying to salvage a relationship with a girl I was never meant to be with OR accept my friend John's offer to move into his garage and get back to doing what I do best; poker. At the time it wasn't easy but I chose the latter and over the next three months dedicated everyday to bettering my current situation, mentally and financially. Often times John's girlfriend, Brandy, would come in as we were playing and write inspirational messages on a whiteboard hanging on the wall. One fateful day she walked in and wrote the words "ThiNk BiNk" and the lightning bolt immediately struck. It said so much while saying very little and I quickly realized these two words had potential to change the world! Only way I can describe it is they say right before you die your life flashes before your eyes, and when I saw that written on the dry erase board I had a vision of everything that is happening now. I know it sounds crazy but that's what happened, and I will never forget that moment.

From that day forward John and I always said it to each other instead of the typical "good luck" when deep in a tournament. We started to embrace what it meant to ALWAYS be positive, even if "lady luck" wasn't on our side. As time went on we realized more and more this wasn't just for poker, it was for life! We must CHOOSE to have a positive attitude about every situation thrown at us because a negative mind would NEVER lead to a positive life. What began in the most accidental and honest of ways had now fully evolved into our philosophy on and off the poker tables. To us it wasn't just a way of life, it was THE way of life!

Leading up to the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas I had 50 patches made; 25 black and 25 red. My plan being every time I heard someone speak negatively at the table I'd throw him/her a patch and say something like, "happiness is a choice ya know, ThiNk BiNk!" Fast forward to seven WSOP rings & 500 patches later, people were really starting to take notice and asking regularly where they could get some gear. The growth was so natural and organic that I had suddenly found myself at another crossroads. I could let this be as far as it went OR listen to the universe and get to work spreading this message to as many people as I could, starting in the poker world. Think you know which path I chose ;)

After months of hard work designing the logos/website and days at the Print Bros shop in Florida, the inaugural pieces were born! I remember when I slipped that first shirt over my head and a flood of emotions came as I visualized John's garage and how far we had come. If you would have told me back in 2012 that two words on a dry erase board could turn into a full blown positivity movement, I would have believed you. But if you then told me everything it would take to turn those two words into a brand, it probably never would have happened. Life has a funny way of working itself out though and now a simple message started in the poker world will hopefully catch on and spread like wildfire all over the globe!

So to sum it up, it's not just a catchy phrase and has nothing to do with luck. It's a positive mindset lifestyle and in my opinion, THE way of life!!!

- Cory "BiNks" Waaland -

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